ARCBot Commands

Xat Bot Commands

Rank Command Alias'es Usage Info Example
0!powers value!value[xat user]Determine the value of the xat user, from their
!value Actavus
0!powers everymissing!everymissing[xat user]Determine which powers a user is missing for
!everymissing Actavus
0!powers allmissing!allmissing[xat user]Determine which powers a user is missing for
!allmissing Actavus
0!powers groupmissing!groupmissing[xat user]Determine which powers a user is missing for
group powers
!groupmissing Actavus
0!powers limitedmissing!limitedmissing[xat user]Determine which powers a user is missing for
limited powers
!limitedmissing Actavus
0!powers details[xat user]Get detailed breakdown of information on a
person's value.
!powers details Actavus
0!powers richest!richestDetermine the richest xat user in the room in
0!powers poorest!poorestDetermine the poorest xat user in the room in
0!8ball [question]The magic 8ball that answers your every question!
0!banme regularBans you with the ban power and how long!banme2
0!banme slot!slotbanme[hours]Bans you with the ban power and how long!slotbanme 5
0!banme snake!snakeme[hours]Bans you with the ban power and how long!snakebanme 5
0!banme space!spaceme[hours]Bans you with the ban power and how long!spacebanme 5
0!banme match!matchme[hours]Bans you with the ban power and how long!matchbanme 5
0!banme maze!mazeme[hours]Bans you with the ban power and how long!mazebanme 5
0!banme code!codeme[hours]Bans you with the ban power and how long!codebanme 5
0!banme reverse!reversebanme[hours]Bans you with the ban power and how long!reversebanme 5
0!big !enlarge[group chat name or id]Gives you an enlarged version of the xat chat
!enlarge ARCbot
0!botid Display your bot's botid!
0!buy !purchase,buybot,getbotInformation on buying a bot!
0!casino !gamblePlay the the game casino!
0!choose !which,pick[1st choice] or [2nd choice]!choose should i eat pie or eat a cupcake
0!commands !command,infoGives you the link to this page!
0!currentsong Tell you the current song that is on the radio!
0!currentsong rate!rate up,rate
[up/down]Rate song up or down on radio!rate up
0!currentsong search[song name]Search for the ratings of the song from ARCbots
radio ratings database
0!daystoxats !dx[days]Using math converts days to xats!daystoxats 45
0!delistcheck [chat name]Check if chat is torched/blocked/delisted!delistcheck ARCbot
0!dice Gives a random number between 1~6!
0!dj currentrequestsView current songs requested to DJ!
0!dj request[song name]Request a song to the current DJ!dj request we will rock you
0!ecmd [command] [message]Use your custom made commands page from your
!ecmdlink provided page
(Documentation: )
!ecmd customCMD message
0!encode [(text)] [(optional password)]Encodes text with optional password!encode (secret text) (password)
0!decode [(text)] [(password if required)]decodes text with optional provided password!decode (encoded text) (password)
0!error [xat error number]Tells what the xat error description is!error 25
0!findmyfacebook !fmfk,fbmeFinds your facebook..shhh!
0!guestsay !gsaySame as !say, but displays the users name!
0!hangman !h[how/difficulty/start/guess/le tter to
guess here]
Play hangman!hangman how
0!hex [text]Gives you the hex of the text!
0!joke Tells a joke!
0!jumble !gibberish[words to jumble]Jumble the words into a random order!jumble Chicken Butt
0!kickme Kicks you!
0!listsmiles !listsmilies[power name] [Optional: wb]List the smiles for that power. Use wb at the
end, to have powers show as a smile.
!listsmiles claus
0!madgab Play the game madgab!
0!mail !msgSend Mail: !mail send
[xatuser1,xatuser2,xatuser3] [message]
View: !mail [read/archived], Delete:
!mail [trash/trashall], Block: !mail
[block/allow] [add/remove] [user] or
!mail blockall [on/off]
Send mail to any user on xat, and if an ARCbot
sees them, it'll tell them they got mail.
!mail send ARCbot How you doing buddy?
Image Example
0!md5 [text]Give the md5 of the text!
0!sha1 [text]Gives the sha1 of the text!
0!myavatar !myav,mavatarTells you your avatar link!
0!nolink !linkbypass[link]Make a link copy/pasteable!nolink
0!optout userinfo[on/off]Opts you out from being included in the specified
user data cache
!optout userinfo off
Image Example
0!pi [0~200]Lists off digits of pi to that number!pi 150
0!powerdescription !powerdesc,powerinfo,pinfo,pdes c[power name]Get the power's description!pinfo gold
0!price !pricecheck,powercheck,check[Power name/allpowers/everypower]
[Optional power 2] [etc powers to price]
Gives you the fairprice of that power!price gold
0!priceinfo !store[power name]Gives your the xat store price!priceinfo gold
0!promoted chats!promoted groups, promo[language]Shows which groups are promoted on xat!promoted chats spanish
0!radio Show the chatroom's radio station!
0!radioinfo !radioinformationTells you the radios name, and listener amount!
0!relationship [user]Get the relationship of the xat user!relationship ARCbot
0!releasedate !rdate[power name]Tells you the date the power was released!releasedate gold
0!reverse !reversetext,textreverse,esreve r[text]Reverses the text and displays it!reverse kcab
0!searchcommand !searchcmd[command/alias name]Search ARCbots command page for a command or
!searchcmd missing
0!showusers [banned/guest/member/mod/owner /main or
leave blank for all]
Show the names of people in that rank in the room!
Image Example
0!smileytest !test[smileys]Test smileys using the bot!smiley (cool)
0!umad [name]Emotes based on the command to the name!
0!hug [name]Emotes based on the command to the name!
0!kiss [name]Emotes based on the command to the name!
0!dump [name]Emotes based on the command to the name!
0!userinfo [xat user]ow the userinfo website page of the user on
!userinfo ARCbot
0!powers has!powers have,haspower,powershave,has,have[user]Check if the user has the power!
0!usersonline !onlineusers[banned/guest/member/mod/owner /main or
leave blank for all]
Count how many of that specific type of users
are online in the room
0!whatis [power name]Get what that power smiles original power is from!whatis claus
0!xatfact Tells you a random xat fact!
Image Example
0!xatstocash !xats2cash,xc[xats]Find the xat store value in cash, of the xats!xatstocash 100
0!xatstodays !xd[xats]Calculates xats to days!xatstodays 40
0!yellowcardme !unyellowcardmeYellowcard yourself with the yellowcard power!
0!powers doubles!powers double,powersmultiple,powers
[user]Check which powers are doubles on the user!
0!useronline volunteers!volunteers, vols[ticket/forum/smiley/all]Check which volunteers are online on xat!volunteers ticket , !vols
0!useronline !online[xat user]Check if a xat user is online.!online ARCbot
0!promoted banners!promotedbanners
Custom Alias List:

[language]Check which chats are promoted with banners!promotedbanners spanish
0!optout staffranks[on/off]Disable showing your chat ranks, on the User
Information Service page.
!optout staffranks on
0!optout welcomemessage[on/off]When enabled (on), you will only see the unique
welcome message of a bot (in all ARCbot chats)
once per 24 hours.
!optout welcomemessage on
0!banme redcard!redcardmeBans you with the ban power and how long!
0!ban redcard!redcard[xat user] [hours] [reason]Bans the user with redcard power!redcard Actavus 24 Dont talk
0!activelogs [xat user] [chat room]Tells how active the user is inside the current
!activelogs actavus
0!powers hasmost!hasmost[xat user] [power]Find who has the most of the specified power.!powers hasmost gold
0!group !chatroomTells you what group you are at.!
0!useronline arcstaff!arcstaffDisplays which ARCbot Staff are online.!arcstaff
0!timezone [Your Timezone]The bot will show you dates & times as
your timezone.
0!powersearch !psearch,powername[Power Name]Searches for a power name (even if you
misspelled it)
!powersearch divatrumpet
Image Example
0!smileycompare !scompare[Smiley]Compares new vs old smiles using the classic xat
!scompare smile
0!mail lastread[xat user]Checks if the xat user opened their mail, and
when you last sent it
!mail lastread ARCbot
0!xatradio Register with xatradio!xatradio register
0!powers superanimemissing!superanimemissing,superanime[xat user]Shows what powers you are missing for superanime!superanime Actavus
0!powers supersummermissing!supersummermissing,supersummer[xat user]Determine which powers are missing for
0!ranklastjoin [owner, mod, member, main]See when the specific rank last joined the chat!ranklastjoin owner
0!ranklastactive [owner, mod, member, main]See when the specific rank was last active!ranklastactive owner
0!powers superhalloweenmissing!superh,superhalloweenmissingsuperhallowe
[xat user]Lists powers your missing for superhalloween!superh
0!powers superxmasmissing!superxmas,superxmasmissingShows what powers you are missing for superxmas!superxmas
0!mypcback Bot will respond with your pcback!mypcback
0!powers superheartmissing!superheart[xat user]Shows what powers you are missing for superheart!superheart Actavus
0!powers superhobbiesmissing[xat user]Shows what powers you are missing for
!superhobbies Actavus
0!findpowers [smiley]Find powers in a smiley.!findpowers (cool#r)
0!onlinelist viewlist[list name]View all the xat users added to an onlinelist!onlinelist viewlist staff
0!onlinelist mylistsView online lists that you own!onlinelist mylists
1!anytimeavatar !atavatar[user]Gets the avatar of the user, using their xat
space profile
!anytimeavatar ARCbot
1!aq [quiz name]Take the quiz that was created using !quiz!aq the cool quiz
1!avatar !stealavvy,stealav,sa,
[user]Gives you the users avatar link!
1!clipname !youtubename,ytname[Youtube link]Gets the youtube link's video name!
1!define !ud,urbandictionary,urban,defin e2[text]Defines the text using urbandictionary!
1!dictionary [word]Get the definition of the word from
!dictionary google
1!facebook [facebook group name]Gets the latest news from the facebook page
!facebook ARCbots
1!fact !fact3Gives you a random fact!
1!fml Gets an fml quote!
1!google !maingoogle,g[text]Search google for links!
1!guestme Guests you!
1!memberme Members you!
1!horoscope !horo[sign name]Gets your daily horoscope!horoscope Virgo
1!id !uid,stealid[xat user]Gets the xat user's xat id!id ARCbot
1!inactive !active[user]Tells you how long they have been inactive or
!active ARCbot
1!slap !slaps,hit[name]Emotes to use against the user!slap ARCbot
1!insult [name]Emotes to use against the user!slap ARCbot
1!flirt [name]Emotes to use against the user!flirt ARCbot
1!murder [name]Emotes to use against the user!murder ARCbot
1!isup Checks whether a website is up using!isup
1!lastactive !lastseen,la,find[user]Show when the user was last seen by the bot!la ARCbot
1!latestpower !latestTell you what the latest power is, as-well as
what it does
1!lovecalculator !lovecalc,love[name1 name2]Determine the chance of falling in love with the
other person
!lovecalc joe ashley
1!minranklevel !minranklvl,mrl[command]Tells you the minrank level to use a command!minranklvl value
1!modlevel [user]Tells you your mod level, or of someone elses!
1!powercountdown !pndTell how much time till the newest power will be
1!powerid [power name]This will tell you the powerid of the power name
you ask it.
1!powersleft !powersremaining,limitedThis command tells you how many limited available
powers are left in the xat store.
1!qrcode [website address]Gives you a qr code image link of the address!qrcode
1!randomnumber !randnum[optional starting number] [ending
Gives a random number, or between number ranges!
1!randompost [xat thread link]Choose a random post from the xat forum thread,
which is useful for drawing/lotterys
1!randomuser [Optional: guest, member, mod, owner,
Picks a random user from the room.!
1!ranklist [activity/lastmonth]View the manual ranks that were added!
1!regname !uregname[xat user id]Gets the users registered name!
1!remind [xat user] [message]The bot will send a message to the user the next
time they login to the room. There is a maximum
of 7 messages per each user sent.
!remind ARCbot dont forget to eat pie today
1!servertime Show you the server time, of ARCbots!
1!slots !slotPlays the game slots!
1!spellcheck [text]Returns the correct spelling of the word!
1!stafflastactive !stafflastseen,sla[xat user]Get when the staff member was last online!lastactive ARCbot
1!stealhome !uhomeGets the users home!uhome ARCbot
1!stealname !sn,uname,sn[user]Gets the users name!
1!stocks [stock code]Check the current status of a stock.!stocks fb
1!thesarus [word]Finds synonyms of the word!thesarus swag
1!tickle [user]Tickles the user!tickle ARCbot
1!translate [language to translate to] [text]Translates the text!translate es Hello.
1!translate2 [Number of messages ago]Translates the text from a number of messages ago!
1!twitter !twitter2[twitter username]Gives the latest tweet from that user!twitter ARCbots
1!weather !w[zip code or location name]Gets your local weather!
1!wikipedia !define3[text]Get the description of the word from wikipedia!wikipedia google
1!xatwiki !wiki[text]Search the xat wiki, for the wiki page's
!xatwiki bot
1!youtube !yt,y[text]Searches youtube for videos!
1!add [number 1] [number 2]Add two numbers!
1!subtract [number 1] [number 2]Subtract to numbers!
1!divide [number 1] [number 2]Divide two numbers!
1!multiply [number 1] [number 2]Multiply two numbers!
1!onlinelist check[list name]Checks xat users online using that online list.!onlinelist test
1!onlinelist add[list name] [xat user]Adds a user to your online list!onlinelist add test ARCbot
1!onlinelist remove[list name] [xat user]Removes a user from your online list!onlinelist remove test ARCbot
1!tempmemberme [hours]temp member yourself!tempmemberme 24
1!autotempme !automodme,autoownerme,automembermeGains temp rank when autotemp is set to manual
1!checkpcback !cpcbackCheck a users pcback.!checkpcback ARCbot
2!moderatorme !modmeMakes you a moderator!
2!addquestion !addq,addresponse,addr[(question)] [(answer)] [(Optional %
reconition parameter) (Optional only
respond to this user)]
Add a question and response, that the bot will
respond to. Useful Information: -If the bot
responds to a similar but incorrect question,
add a replacement don't delete it. -This is
because the more you add, the smarter it
gets. -Keep the % recognition low, this will
make it more human like for
recognizing sentences. ALSO Optional User
Variables: {uname}/{regname}
{name} {home}/{homepage} {online}/{ucount} {cc}
{chat}/{group} {randomname}/{randomuser} {random
nameid}/{randomuserid} {randomnumber}
{randomnumber100} {randomnumber50} /sendcommand
!command here
!addq (hi bot) (hello {uname})
Image Example
2!ban regular!banu[xat user] [hours] [reason]Bans a user for the length of time and reason,
using regular ban
!banu Actavus Broke our rules
2!ban slot!slotban[xat user] [hours] [reason]Bans a user for the length of time and reason,
using slotban
!slotban Actavus Broke our rules
2!ban snake!snakeban[xat user] [hours] [reason]Bans a user for the length of time and reason,
using snakeban
!snakeban Actavus Broke our rules
2!ban space!spaceban[xat user] [hours] [reason]Bans a user for the length of time and reason,
using spaceban
!spaceban Actavus Broke our rules
2!ban match!matchban[xat user] [hours] [reason]Bans a user for the length of time and reason,
using matchban
!matchban Actavus Broke our rules
2!ban maze!mazeban[xat user] [hours] [reason]Bans a user for the length of time and reason,
using mazeban
!mazeban Actavus Broke our rules
2!ban code!codeban[xat user] [hours] [reason]Bans a user for the length of time and reason,
using codeban
!codeban Actavus Broke our rules
2!ban dunce!dunce[xat user] [hours] [reason]Bans a user for the length of time and reason,
using dunce
!dunce Actavus Broke our rules
2!ban reverse!reverseban[xat user] [hours] [reason]Bans a user for the length of time and reason,
using reverseban
!reverseban Actavus Broke our rules
2!ban naughtystep!naughtyban,unnaughtystep,naughtystep[xat user] [hours] [reason]Bans a user for the length of time and reason,
using naughtyban
2!bump [xat user] [message]Bump user with bump power!bump ARCbot I need your attention!
2!cmod !acclist,rank[user] [guest, member, moderator, owner,
Change the bot rank of the xat user!rank actavus Moderator
2!commandhistory !cmdhistory,chistory[number of messages]Get the command history, based on command on
!chistory 100
2!followers [twitter user]Displays how many followers the twitter user has!followers ARCbots
2!history [number of messages of history you want
recorded] [all/activity/messages]
Shows the chat's history, in a paste. If
type is left blank, defaults to all
!history 50 messages
2!hush [seconds] [reason]Hush a user using hush power!hush 60 Shut up
2!kick [user] [message]Kicks the user, with reason!kick ARCbot Get out
Image Example
2!latlong [address]Give the longitude and latitude of an address!
2!member [user]Member a user!member ARCbot
2!nyan [link]Makes a nyan cat covered link page!nyan
2!promocost [hours]Gets the cost it takes to promo your chat!promocost 30
2!protect [captchagag/captchaguest/regis
Protect the chatroom with /p and choose how
strict it is.
!protect captchagag
2!punishlogs !proof[log amount] [user] OR [log amount]
lastmonth OR [log amount] [user]
View who the bot banned and what reason!punishlogs 100
2!removeanswer !removea,dela,deleteanswer[answer to remove]Remove an answer from the !addquestion list!
2!removequestion !delq,deleteq,deletequestion,re moveq[question to remove]Remove a question from the !addquestion list!
2!responses Display how many !addquestion responses
you've added
2!shortnamecost !snc[hours]Get the cost of the provided shortname!
2!tempmember !tempmemtemp member a user using the power!tempmem ARCbot
2!tempmodme [hours]Give yourself temp mod!tempmodme 24
2!time [zip code]Get the time in the zip code's region!
2!transferhistory !tlog,transferlog,thistory[0~500]View logs of the xats transferred to the bot!tlog 50
2!unban [user]Unban a user!unban ARCbot
2!unhush Un gag/unhush users in the chat using unprotect!
2!xatsearch [keywords to search]Search what other xat rooms are talking about,
and list it
!xatsearch arcbots
2!yellowcard !unyellowcard[user] [message]Yellowcard a user with yellowcard power!yellowcard ARCbot I've yellowcarded you
2!zap [user]Zap a user using zap power!zap ARCbot
2!say !speak,talk[text]Gets the bot to say the following text!
2!dj setuser[xat user/off]Sets who is the current DJ, or off to turn off
current DJ
2!dj onairCurrent DJ on air!
2!dj emptyrequestsEmpty DJ requests!
2!dj chooserequest[song name]Choose song requested by users, to be played by
the DJ
2!dj removerequest[song name]Remove user requested song to DJ!
2!grouptransfer !chatnamecost,cnc[group name]Find the cost of a group transfer!
2!app [app name/game]Open up a xat app on the bot!
2!radiohealth Tells you how much radio time is left for
accounts tied to your botid's arcbot
3!addbadword !censoradd,fword[(Bad word) (TYPE:ban, kick) (If type
ban, length in seconds of ban) (Power
options: snake/space/match/maze/code/du
Adds a badword to the censor list!addbadword (lulz) (ban) (60) (stop using lulz)
Image Example
3!addkeyword !addk[(keyword one|or two)] [(next to
keyword2|or this keyword)] [(response
Add keyword based question answers ALSO
for response Optional User Variables:
{uname}/{regname} {name}
{home}/{homepage} {online}/{ucount} {cc}/{comman
{chat}/{group} {randomname}/{randomuser} {random
nameid}/{randomuserid} {randomnumber}
{randomnumber100} {randomnumber50} /sendcommand
!command here
!addk (hello|hi|wasup) (everyone|guys) (Hey wasup dude)
3!addkremove !addkrm[keyword's answer to remove]Remove an answer from the !addk command!addkrm the answer here
3!addmod [user]Add moderator to the bot mod list!addmod Actavus
3!announce !megaphone,announcement,announc ment[pc/pm] [text]Announce the text to everyone in your chatroom!announce pc We have an event today
3!clear !clearchat,cls,clearscreenClear the chat room's chat messages!
3!getroomid !getroom,roomid[room name]Gets the xat room's id!roomid ARCbot
3!guest [user]Guest the user!guest Actavus
3!health Tell you how much % left of bot time is left for
the current month till it expires
3!mod [user]Mod the user!mod Actavus
3!pastebin [text]Makes a pastebin link of the text provided!pastebin Paste this text
3!privatechat !pc[user] [message]Have the bot private chat the user the message!pc Actavus Hello
3!privatemessage !pm,privatemsg[user] [message]Have the bot private message the user the message!pm Actavus Hello
3!removebadword !rword[word]Remove the badword from the censor list!rword lulz
Image Example
3!removemod !rmod[user]Remove mod from the bot mod list!rmod Actavus
3!runtime !onlinetime,onlinet,rtime,boton lineDisplays how long, when the bot first started!
3!scroll [text]Change the scroller in your chat!
3!tempmoderator !tempmod[xat ID] [hours]Temp mod a user using the tempmod power!tempmod 1003300 24
3!ownerme Owner yourself!
3!tempownerme [hours]Temp owner yourself!tempownerme 24
4!antiafk toggle[on/off]Toggle on/off of kicking users who are afk
longer than the specified time from !antiafk
!antiafk on
4!antiafk set[minutes]Kick users who are afk for longer than the
specified time provided.
!antiafk set 10
4!autochat2 [on/off]Toggle usage of using !addquestion
pre-made responses
4!autogames choose[doodlerace/hearts/matchrace/snakerace/s
Bring back gamebot, with the specified game, when
he leaves.
!autogames choose doodlerace
4!autogames toggle[on/off/previousgame]Toggle on/off autogames!autogames toggle off
4!automember !automem,togglemem,togglemember
Toggle automember of guest users!Toggle automember of guest users
Image Example
4!away !unawayMakes the bot away or unaway with away power!
4!badge !badgeme,unbadgeme,unbadge[xat user] [reason]Badge a user, with the badge power!badge Actavus You now have badge
4!badgeall !unbadgeall[reason]Badge all users using badge power!badgeall Here you go :)
4!badwordfilter !bfilter,filterbadwords,filterb adword[on/off]Toggles the custom badwords filter!bfilter on
Image Example
4!banlength !defaultban,defaultbanlength,ba nlength[link/capslock/letterspam/spam/badwords/
name/smiley] [ban in seconds]
How long in seconds the bot will ban a user after
it gave to many kick warnings
!banlength link 60
4!botleavemessage [text]Edit the bot's leaving message, for when you
use !killbot
!botleavemessage Later guys, im heading out (pce)
4!defaultpool !dpool[pool number]The bot will attempt to join the pool given,
during refreshes and startup
!dpool 1
4!dunceall Dunces all user in the room!
4!gag [user]Gag the user using gag power!gag Actavus
4!killbot !killmother,die,gtfoKills the bot, and makes it exit the chatroom!
4!letterspam toggle[on/off]Toggle on/off letterspam filter!letterspam on
4!letterspam limit[3~20]Detect duplicate letter spam, and kick the user
(Ex: spammmm)
!letterspam limit 15
4!maxkicks [links/capslock/letterspam/spam/badwords
/name/smiley/all] [number]
Number of kicks till the bot bans a user after
giving kick warnings
!maxkicks smiley 5
Image Example
4!mute [user] [hours] [reason]Mute the user!mute arcbot 5 test
4!pcautochat !autochatpc,pcautochat,autochat3[on/off]Turn on or off pc autochat!pcautochat off
4!pool [pool number]Bot will attempt to join the pool (not
!pool 1
4!promofilter !pfilter[on/off]Toggles the promo chat pre-made filter, which
censors words on the bo
!pfilter on
4!quiz Create quizzes for your bot, which people can
take using the command !aq
4!refresh !refMakes the bot refresh!
4!relogin The bot will re-login!
4!removeprevious !removepRemove the previous response added to
4!song2 !gangnamstyle, gangnam, bieber,
justinbieber, friday, thefox
efox)] [(verse limit)]
Sing a song from the list!gangnamstyle 25
4!sinbin [user] [length]Sinbin the user using the sinbin power!sinbin ARCbot 2.5
4!sinbinme [length]Sinbin yourself for specified length!sinbinme 2.5
4!sleep !nap[seconds]Make the bot go to sleep, and come back later!sleep 10
4!song !singCommand removed due to xats spam filters
blocking it.
Makes the bot sing a song!song (firework) (katy perry)
4!spamcheck [on/off]Toggles weather the bot kicks people for spamming!spamcheck on
Image Example
4!spamfilter !spamcheckparameters,spamcheckparam,setsp
[number of messages said] [amount said
in less then how many seconds] [max
messages in a row]
Configure the amount of messages said to trigger
the spam check
!spamfilter 5 60
Image Example
4!status [text]Change the bot's status, optional
variables: {latestpower}
{latestpowerid} {latestpowerlimit}
!status Newest Power: {latestpowerid}
4!stealth [on/off]Makes the bot go into stealth mode!stealth on
4!stopsong This will allow you to stop the song, for
commands such as !friday/bieber/song/etc
4!sbfilter !strictbadwordfilter[on/off]Toggles the pre-made strict badword filter!sbfilter on
Image Example
4!superhush [seconds] [reason]Super hush everyone in the chatroom using the
hush power
!superhush 30 Shut up.
4!tempowner [xat user] [hours]Temp owner a user using the tempowner power!tempowner Actavus 12
4!welcomemessage !welcomemsg[pc, pm] [all, guest, member, moderator,
owner, main] [message]
Sets the bot's welcome message for people
entering the chatroom ALSO Optional User List:
{id} {uname} {name} {avatar} {rank}
{home} {homepage} {online} {cc} {command} {chat}
{group} {randomname} {randomuser} {randomnameid}
{randomuserid} {randomnumber}
{latestpower} {latestpowerid} {latestpowerlimit}
!welcomemsg pc guest Welcome to our chat
4!ranklock [xat user] [off, guest, member,
moderator, owner]
Use ranklock power, to lock a xat user's
!ARCbot off
4!punished [off, mod, owner, main]Have bot PC staff when a user is punished. Can
be set to mod+, owner+, or main+
!punished mod
5!addanswers [on/off]Toggle allowing others to add responses to
!addanswers on
5!alias !addalias[(original command)] [(new alias
Rename a command into a new alias!alias (!say) (!repeat)
Image Example
5!allowlink [add/remove] [link]Add or remove links from the link filter!allowlink [add/remove];
Image Example
5!autokick [xat user] [reason]Autokick the user, in-which it acts like a banish!autokick Actavus Your banished
5!autokickremove !autokickoff,removeau
[xat user]Remove the user from the auto kick or ban list!autobanr Actavus
5!autotemp add!autotempmod,autotempmoderator,
[owners, mod, member] [xat user] [temp
hours] [blank for indefinite, or hours
in future expires]
Automatically temporary owner, moderator, member
a xat user, using temp xat power
!autotempmoderator Actavus 24
5!autotemp delete!autotempremove[xat user]Remove xat user from the automatic temporary
!autotempremove Actavus
5!badwordminlevel [1~5]Change badword mod minimum rank for the bot to
ban for badwords
!badwordminlevel 3
5!banall [hours] [ban, regular, snake, space,
match, maze, code, reverse, zip, dunce]
Bans all users in the room. (Make sure your bot
has the power, or it does a regular ban)
!banall 5 snake
5!blockcommand !blockcmd,tblock,block[command1,command2,command3,etc]Blocks a command from being used!block gsay,powers value -- prevents people from using that command
Image Example
5!bumpall Bump all users with bump power in pc!
5!capslockfilter !clfilter[on/off]Toggle caps lock filter, which kicks for
multiple capital words
!capslockfilter on
Image Example
5!capslockpercentfilter !clpfilter[70~100]Sets the percent recognition for how many caps
lock words in a sentence
!clpfilter 70
5!commandignorebrackets !cmdignorebrackets[on/off]Ignore brackets in commands, such as from when
people use the translator
!cmdignorebrackets on
5!commandtimelimit !cmdtimelimit[seconds] [command]Limits the command from being used for the
specified amount of seconds by the same user.
!cmdtimelimit 60 value
5!customradio [radio link]Change to a custom radio link, so it can be used
for commands like !currentsong
5!delistchat [on/off]Don't include the chat box on any lists or
charts on
!delistchat on
5!disallowhelpstaff [on/off]Remove/Allow ARCbot help staff from being able to
edit your bot?
!disallowhelpstaff on
5!dontstorechatmessage [on/off]Don't store chat messages on the xat chat!dontstorechatmessage on
5!ecmdlink [link to your arcbot ecmd file]Lets you edit the ecmd file link, which is to be
used with the !ecmd command
5!editbackgroundimage !backg[background image link]Edit chat box background image!editbgimg
5!editbackgroundimage2 [background image link]Edit the outer background of the xat group page!editbackgroundimage2 image-url-here
5!editbot pcback!pcback[image link]Set the bot's PC chat background to the
image specified, using PCback xat power.
!pcback image-url-here
5!editbot statusglow!statusglow,statuscolor,editbot
[(glow and color code)]Change the bot's statusglow, statuscolor!statusglow (#000001#FFFFFF)
5!editbot avatar[avatar, xavi, xat code]Change bot's xat avatar!avatar image-link-here
5!editbot name[text]Change the bot's name!editbot name ARCbot
5!editbot hat[hat code]Give the bot a hat, using hat power.!editbot hat (hat#f)
5!editbot nameglow!editbot namecolor,editbot glow,editbot
[glow code]Give the bot's name a color/glow/grad with
namecolor/nameglow/grad xat power.
!editbot nameglow (glow#000001#FFFFFF)
Image Example
5!editbot randomnamecolorRandomly generates the bot's
!editbot randomnamecolor
5!editbot !ticklemessage,editbot ticklemsg[text]When a user clicks the bot, the bot will say the
text you provided
!ticklemessage You tickle'd me :P
5!editbot home[home link]Change the bot's homepage!editbot home
5!editbot commandsymbol!editbot cmdsymbol,editbot commandcode[symbol]Change's the bot's command symbol to
something different
!editbot cmdsymbol @
5!editbot copyname[xat user]Copies the xat user's name onto the bot.!editbot copyname Actavus
5!editbot copyavatar[xat user]Copies the xat user's avatar onto the bot.!editbot copyavatar Actavus
5!editbot tempcopyuser[xat user]Temporarily copies the xat user's looks,
onto the bot.
!editbot tempcopyuser Actavus
5!editbot currentsong[off, scroller, message, both]Chooses how the current song on the radio is
!editbot currentsong scroller
5!editbuttoncolor [button color]Edit buttoncolor on edit chat!
Image Example
5!editgscol [Default smiley colors Options]Change gscol on edit chat!editgscol goldb
Image Example
5!editpowers !gcontrol[gcontrol/lang/horror/winter/feast/fairy
Edit group powers sub categories!
5!editradio [radio link]Edit chat box radio link!editradio http://RadioLinkURL/:8080
5!enablepower [power1,power2,power3]Enable a power that the bot has!enablepower show
5!enablepowers !disablepowers[group-power 1, group-power2, etc]Enable/disable powers from the Edit Chat button!
5!filterlinks !filterlink,linkfilter[on/off/blacklist]Toggle the filtering of links, or change to
Image Example
5!friend [add/remove] [user]Add or remove a friend from the bot!friend add ARCbot
5!guestall Guests all users in the room!
5!guestself Guest the bot with guestself power!
5!ignore [xat user]preventsuser from using commands, responses, etc
(Does not work on bot level 5+)
5!kickall [all/member/main/owner/guest/mod/banned]Kick all users of that specified group!kickall guest
5!kickguests !kickguests [**Use only one:**
pools/banned/all] [**Use all, some, or
none:** registered/inactive/toons]
Kick guests with the kickall xat power!kickguests pools inactive toons
5!livemode [on/off]Toggles the live mode on the Edit Chat page!livemode on
5!macrobuypowers [power1 optional, Power2 optional,
Power3 etc]
The bot will check xat once in awile, and buy
any new/existing powers that you tell it to buy.
(Login pin is required, as-well as xats on the
!macrobuypowers noaudies xavi noaudies
5!mainownerbot !botmainowner,getmain*Make sure to provide your groups password to the
bot in the bot's PC, using !grouppass
5!memberall member all users in the room!
5!membersonlymode [on/off]Toggles the members only mode on the Edit Chat
5!membersonlymode2 [on/off]Make the chat for registered users and members
5!membersonlymode3 [on/off]Make the chat for subscribers and members only!membersonlymode3 on
5!minrank [minimum rank to use the bot 1~5]Set the minimum bot rank to use the bot!minrank 1
5!minrankcmd !minrankcommand,minimumrankcomm and[0-5] [command1 command2 command3 etc]Sets the command to a different minimum rank bot
mod value
!minrankcmd 5 say,powers value,gsay,buypowers
5!modall mod all users in the room!
5!namefilter !statusfilter[on/off]Uses your custom badword list, and sbfilter (if
on) to filter users name/status
!namefilter on
Image Example
5!ownerall owner all users in the room!
5!privatecommand !privatecmd[add/remove] [command]Only allows that command to respond in PC/PM but
command can still be used in main chat. (Any
user higher then the level set
with !badwordminlevel is not affected)
!privatecmd add define, can be used for any commands
Image Example
5!raidprotection [1-5]Toggles the usage of the raid protection, which
turns on /p when a bot spam raid occurs. Numbers
/p1 through /p5 available.
!raidprotection 5
5!rankaccess !accessbylist[on/off]Sets the bot mod's level according to xat
!rankaccess on
5!removealias !rmalias[alias]Remove the alias you added from !alias!rmalias repeat
Image Example
5!restartbot Restarts the bot completely, and gets any new
arcbot updates
5!sbfilterlength [hours]changes !sbfilter's ban length!sbfilterlength 10
5!sbfilterpercent [80~100]Set the sbfilter percent recognition!sbfilterpercent 85
5!smileyfilter !smilefilter[on, off, name, message]enables/disables for kicking/banning users for
!smileyfilter message
Image Example
5!smileyfilteramount !smileyfilteramount[name/message/both] [smiley limit]Number of smileys considered to be a spam amount!smileyfilteramount name 5
5!speaklanguage2 [language, or language code, or off]Make the bot speak in a different language using
google/bing translator
!speaklanguage2 spanish
Image Example
5!staffmail [mod level 1~5] [message]Sends all staff of the mod level defined and
higher this message in pc once they get online
in the chat room.
!staffmail 5 i like chicken
5!stfu [on/off]bot is forced to PM all the
commands/responses/etc in PM
!stfu on
Image Example
5!stricterbanmode [on/off]Enables chat box stricter banning in the Edit
Chat button
5!tickleall Tickles all users in the room!
5!tweetspy !twitterspy[twitter user]Check their twitter page every minute, and the
bot will display new tweets from their twitter
!twitterspy ARCbots
5!unbanall !ubaUnban all users in the current chat room pool!
5!uncommandblock !unblockcmd,delblock,unblock[command to unblock,command2,command3]Unblock a command from the !blockcommand list!unblock gsay,powers value
Image Example
5!zapall Zaps all users in the room!
5!editgline [code smilies]Edit gline on edit chat button!editgline chew,smirk,scn,um,cool,nme,crs,wary,rolleyes,d,wt,cd
5!disablepower [power1,power2,power3]Disable a power that bot has!disablepower show
5!disablepowers [group-power 1, group-power2, etc]Disable powers from the Edit Chat button!
5!unignore [xat user]allows user from using commands, responses, etc
(Does not work on bot level 5+) from ignore
5!autoban [xat user] [reason]Autoban the user, in-which it acts like a banish!autoban Actavus Your banished
5!radiodj stopStops the radio stream!radiodj stop
5!radiodj restartRestarts the radio stream!radiodj restart
5!radiodj skipsong!skipsongSkips the song of an AutoDJ stream!radiodj skipsong
5!radiodj account[Radio Username]Set the arcbot radio stream your radio stream
!radiodj account arc8888username
5!allowarcbotstaff !allowarcstaffAllows ARCbot staff to help you setup your bot
for 10 minutes
5!autotemp activity[on/off]When on a user is only gains temp rank when a
mod or owner has been inactive for 20mins. Off
ranks them regardless of activity
!autotemp activity on
5!autotemp set[manual/auto]Sets auto temp to either do it automatically, or
when manual require the user to do !autotempme
!autotemp set manual
5!customcommand add!addcustomcommand,addcustomcmd,customcmd[command] [response]Add a custom command. You can pass text from a
command using {text} ALSO Optional User
Variables: {text} {uname}/{regname}
{name} {home}/{homepage} {online}/{ucount} {cc}
{chat}/{group} {randomname}/{randomuser} {random
nameid}/{randomuserid} {randomnumber}
{randomnumber100} {randomnumber50} /sendcommand
!command here
!customcmd Pinch {regname} Pinched {text}
5!customcommand remove!rcustomcmd,removecustomcmd,removecustomc
[command]Remove a custom command. You can pass text from a
command using {text} ALSO Optional User
Variables: {text} {uname}/{regname}
{name} {home}/{homepage} {online}/{ucount} {cc}
{chat}/{group} {randomname}/{randomuser} {random
nameid}/{randomuserid} {randomnumber}
{randomnumber100} {randomnumber50} /sendcommand
!command here
!customcmd Pinch {regname} Pinched {text}