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This service is here to provide you with the most advanced piece of technology to moderate your xat chat room with.

Our continued effort to help your chat will be met through a continued development for our bots.
Will will keep downtime to a minimal (to keep xat bots up), and have them available when you need it.

Why a paid service?

Keeping up time and stability isn’t cheap. We know you are looking for perfect availability in your xat chat while providing you a xat bot.
Our service uses technology and servers which will continue to improve your experience while hosting your xat bot with us.

We offer a 5 day free trial, available immediately on sign up!
We recommend you try out our premium xat bots before purchase.
This will allow you to setup your xat bot and test run our full service.

That’s not all!
We also offer a 1 month free trial on-top of the 5 free trial for xat chats who have never had an ARCbot!


We are here to support you

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We’re There for You!

As the areas leading xat bot business, we are proud to offer a multitude of features!

Xat bots are useful as they can control spam, moderate the chat box when you don’t want to pay attention, auto member users, and many more things.

Our xat bots are unlike any other xat bots. We are the most custom user friendly bot service out there. We offer 24/7 support through our support ticket system, and xat room.


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New Bot Updates

Longevity of your XAT CHAT!

Our trusted team of support staff, bots, and administrators are standing by to help you improve your chat’s moderation capabilities. Bots are meant to improve your way of communicating online from your chat, as we carefully conduct maintenance and moderation throughout the chatting experience of your group.


Chat Moderation

We moderate your chat from inappropriate language. Even when you can not be online, ARCbots will patrol your xat chat when you need it the most.

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Promotion mode

ARCbots will enable promotion mode to enable additional language filters when needed. This can be changed using !promofilter [on/off]


Your customization options will be endless with ARCbots. Your xat bot will due what you need. See the panel full of features to your right! Or click below to go there now.

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